Body Issues

26 Oct

Having just lost the best part of 2 stone this summer ‘body issues’ is something which fascinates me. Whilst the ‘largest’ I got was size 12 it didn’t feel right for me so I cut out crap food & ate healthily. Whilst I was not fat I became acutely aware that fashion considered me to be to be ‘larger lady’.  I know its RIDICULOUS but it did not stop me feeling, well feeling fat.  I feel 110% better for the recent changes (despite complaining bitterly on Twitter about it) – although of course have dropped about 3 cup size which is beyond rubbish. Weight aside it’s no secret I HATE how I look, at times to the extreme that I become really down about it. That also plays a major part in why “Miss Cakehead” (for example see above) was invented – a persona to hide behind.

Anyway that’s some personal (unusually so for this blog) background to why I find body issues – which Marie Claire South Africa are tacking head on – so fascinating. I dearly wish the UK publication would follow this great example. See the adverts below – great work from the ad agencies involved. Would love to know what you think?..

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Marie Claire – Love the body you’re in!
‘What will it take for you to love your body?’

Marie Claire magazine’s annual November Body issue (Twitter: @MarieClaire_SA #MCLoveMyBody) goes on sale this week and this year Marie Claire has decided to do things differently by addressing the body-image issue head on.

“What will it take for you to love your body? That’s the question we are asking readers this month,” says Aspasia Karras, editor of Marie Claire South Africa. “According to statistics, two out of every three women are unhappy with their bodies and weight. Most women wish they were skinnier. So often the media is accused of perpetuating the body-beautiful image, and this month we have decided to address this issue.

“Not only is the entire magazine packed with articles asking THE BODY question, but we also asked six advertising agencies to conceptualize a poster campaign to communicate the concept of ‘Love Your Body’. The work speaks for itself and the message is clear: we don’t all have the same body type but, regardless of this, we are all perfect. So, what is it going to take for you to love your body?” concludes Karras.

Participating agencies include:

  • Ogilvy Cape Town
  • King James
  • The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town
  • M&C Saatchi Abel
  • TBWA
  • Canvas Lifestyle

The special Body issue features home-grown international supermodel Candice Swanepoel on the cover. Russell James exclusively photographed Candice for Marie Claire South Africa in New York. The issue is now on sale nationwide.

  • For more Marie Claire, go to
  • Marie Claire on Facebook:
  • Marie Claire on Twitter: (Follow the discussion: #MCLoveYourBody)



One Response to “Body Issues”

  1. Mmmatze October 27, 2011 at 10:48 am #

    Interesting post, indeed. It is funny, in a way, how we all feel the imperfections of our bodies, even if we are (as I consider myself) well-educated and coming from a leftist political angle. So I definitely am anti-lookist, but still I feel that my body is far from perfect. And that as a male.

    And I think that here lies the problem, that there are images of perfection which are setting the standard for how men and women have to look if they want to be considered perfect. And these images have become deeply rooted within our conscience as a society. Only if we get rid of the idea of perfection can we live at peace with and in our bodies. Esoteric bullshit, maybe, but that’s how I feel about it.

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