Peace of Cake – spreading the love

9 Aug

I AM FURIOUS. These fucking rioting scumbags are going to cost me a nights sleep I am going to be productive. Fed up of fake pictures, tweeets and propaganda being spread on Twitter scaring everyone including me… Anyhow got a lovely email from @evidencematters who has got baking and @made_with_pink has her spoons ready with @mscupcakeuk already spreading the love in Brixton earlier today. Here is a lovely email from Evidence Matters…


I’ve so far baked

1 banana cake
3 lemon drizzle cakes
2 honey cakes

I’m checking through my inventory and planning more. It seems facile but it feels that people are disproportionately cheered by cake in difficult circumstances.

She is spot on – cake makes people feel better and we need to spread the love via Peace of Cake (I love a good pun). I’ll work out how tomorrow (I always manage to think of something) but if we can just make one person, or business, effected by today’s events feel better & that people care, or show thanks to those who went beyond the call of duty to help, then it’s worth it. The amazing women who gave the speech to the looters at Hackney can have all the cake in the world as far as I am concerned… (watch on twitter)

I can’t just watch this unfold around me (sofa against the front door / letter box taped up for example as I live on a high street) and let these little fuckers win… Peace of cake, let’s spread the love not the hate (yes I am at that stage of drunkenness & the gin starting to kick in).

Please leave comments or head to Cakehead Loves Facebook page and do so there (have made the security settings so anyone can post links)…

And if everyone RT’s this as much as they did with the fake army tweet which scared the shit out of me (sorry about that again) then we are sorted. We CAN make a POSITIVE difference and are not powerless to let these people ruin our beautiful city.

Love & light xxx

PS: is it really bad to shotgun any fireman action so early?..

3 Responses to “Peace of Cake – spreading the love”

  1. Patricia Shea August 9, 2011 at 12:34 am #

    Good on you!!! I am retweeting…cake really does help in weird situations…I think this is brilliant…I’d help you bake if I wasn’t on the other side of the Atlantic!! Best of luck!! xx

  2. Sam Sparrow August 9, 2011 at 7:39 am #

    This is amazing. If I can help by baking cake tonight after work and bringing to you tomorrow please please email me.

  3. Cakehead Loves Evil August 9, 2011 at 7:52 am #

    Thanks – we’re going to be taking cake to Riot Clean Up centres today… Details to follow x

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