Todka – Cult Cornish Toffee Vodka

26 Jul

I am second guessing that most of the people at the Cakey Perry launch party will have a sweet tooth so the lovely Todka is a PERFECT partnership for us (of course depending on supplies* we will be offering it to normal diners too as I think vodka with cake is a perfectly acceptable combination indeed at any time of day) – and if it is good enough for Nigella’s Christmas it is good enough for me! Yes I am pretty in love with this vodka so some more information is below as well as some ideas of how to bake with it!

Todka is a deliciously smooth, toffee flavour Vodka that began life in a small guest house in Newquay, Cornwall – from where its popularity and cult status quickly spread.

 Original Toffee

Just Vodka and smooth Toffee, pure and simple. Start here for an unbelievable taste experience. Sweet caramel, then a warming hint of Vodka – perfect.

  • Shooter – with ice
  • Mixer – Hot ginger beer



Vodka, Toffee –then Banoffee. It’s Bananas!

An extreme dimension to the original. Everything you have come to expect with a crash of Banana to make your day.

Makes the perfect CupCake ingredient!



Vodka, Toffee –then Hazelnut.

Does it really taste like the chocolate bar with one in every bite? You tell us, we are not sure. We only know it tastes great!

  • Todka with added earthy hazelnut flavour. Great with Mince pies or in Flapjack
  • Bailey’s & Ice
  • In expresso coffee with a dollop of ice cream on the top!

BUY TODKA: On-line suppliers include:,,

FIND OUT MORE:  For more information about Todka, including retailers and recipe and cocktail ideas  go to –

FOLLOW TODKA @todka they want your to cake based ideas and pictures from this event!

*how pissed the press decide to get 😉

2 Responses to “Todka – Cult Cornish Toffee Vodka”

  1. wazzra July 27, 2011 at 6:41 am #

    I will say only one thing : yes.


  1. Cult Cornish Vodka | CAKEY PERRY - July 26, 2011

    […] Todka – toffee, hazelnut and banoffee flavours and great to bake with too! Read more over at Miss Cakehead’s blog or visit the Todka […]

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