The (Un) Surprised Horse

7 Jul

Remember when I had to try and make a horse look surprised for a photoshoot – well it was related to this project below, and was for my client Racing for Change (working as freelance for freerange PR). Now the horse never did look surprised at these amazing silks but Phil Fisk did take some amazing images:

copyright Phil Fisk

Photographer Phil Fisk created this unique image to showcase a set of Fruit
Machine-inspired racing silks, created as part of a challenge set by Racing for
Change to students of Central Saint Martins.

The silks are the brainchild of student Henry Griffin, and will be seen in a live
race on Saturday 9 July at Ascot Racecourse, in the ‘Central Saint Martins
Design Challenge Stakes’ which is due off at 1.55pm.

Phil Fisk comments:

“The idea came about purely because while horses are huge, beautiful
creatures, in this case I felt that the silks and the jockeys’ shapes should
be the most important feature of the photograph. Similarly, the idea of
semi-darkness and flood-lighting really make the silks jump out from the

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