So last night at Kerrang!..

14 Jun

UPDATE: Here is a video of the cake table at Kerrang. I say ‘video’ I took a roaming view of the table (& yes that music was on all night – it sent me slightly crazy)!

( & yes that is some of my underwear draped over the bunting)

So last night Cakehead Loves were asked to do a cake installation at the Kerrang awards by Torture Garden, the production company running the reception (more on the other installations in another post). We also had to walk about the tables in the award ceremony giving the artists vagina cakes and other treats such as a Molly Bakes “shit on a stick” like… Half Penny Home also made the bunting you can see… Alix Fox was my partner in crime for this section and we were dressed in amazing burlesque clown costumes from Prangsta with corsets, frilly pants and candy floss wigs. People such as @seansmithsucks (in the Blackout) were loving the Vagina cakes (as well as the frilly pants) made by Black Cherry Bakery and giving them some serious Twitter loving tweeting pictures such as below. Alice Cooper declined one as he is on a diet 😉

It was such a FUN night but to be honest I have felt better so I will keep it brief and share these images of our sweet table – designed by Natasha of Nevie Pie Cakes fame, with an astonishing Clown Cake from Mamma Jamma Cakes (formerly Chic Cakes) – with a longer post coming soon.


The concept was to design the table to look like “the morning after” with edible cigarette drinks (astonishingly crafted by Nevie Pie), half ‘spilt’ wine, cheese (marzipan) on sticks that look as if it had been half bitten, Molly Bakes cake pops that look like sausages lying in pools of jelly… I am waaaaaaaaaay to hung over to do this justice as we partied hard afterwards (well we had frilly pant on) so I am going to leave you with you these pictures whilst I crawl into a hole and die until this hangover goes.

Molly Bakes "shits on sticks"

2 Responses to “So last night at Kerrang!..”

  1. MammaJamma June 10, 2011 at 9:13 am #

    Hey doll Thanks for the blog post pics – they look fab – would have loved to have stayed and been part of the shenanigans – definitely next time! Could I use the pic of the Blow Job cuppie as i forgot to take any!! Also my new name is Mamm Jamma Cakes not Jabba Mamma Cakes lol I’ll forgive you though – you’re hungover!!!


  1. Ice Cream Cupcakes | CAKEY PERRY - June 19, 2011

    […] from from Nevie Pie Cakes (a melted one with ‘fag ends’ in) as featured in the Kerrang installation. However all of these are soooooooooo pretty I had to […]

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