David A Smith at Catlin

21 May

I love the work of David A Smith (above with George Morton-Clark) – he has worked with me on both Cake Britain and Eat Your Heart Out with amazing results…

Of course one of the reasons he totally rocks the cake art is the fact he is an amazing artist in the first place. I love his work shown at the Catlin Art Prize show & an totally fed up I was too poorly on to go along 😦

I compose sculptural pieces that convey a tension between somewhat personal narratives and animalistic behaviour. My work often features light, dynamic colour and decadent materials, including high gloss finishes and richly flocked surfaces. The animal form is something that is imbued with deviance and mortality and I strive to convey these attributes within my works. However the power and fragility of natural forms that seem to shift endlessly between the physical and the mythical is what anchors my fascination.

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