Precious cream puffs

15 May

Chefs will be pioneering the presentation of food on plates forever. It’s an element of the food & eating experience which even has it own trends. However a new trend is emerging of late; rather than make food look beautiful on plates plates & ceramics are now being designed specifically for certain foods and it’s far more beautiful than the banana protectors or prison issue meal trays that might first spring to mind. From cream puff plates to ones designed for chicken and chips this adds an element of playfulness & design clout to the eating experience… your meal will look beautiful even without trying!

Take for example the ‘menu’ series from 5.5 designs for Khala – the plates very design dictating a weekly menu. Read more about this over at The Trendy Girl (it’s in French).

But what about sweet things – well Switch Design have developed these amazing glass food covers that are made for distinct types of treats: onigiri (rice ball), shu cream (cream puff), and a slice of delicious looking strawberry cream cake (sadly no ones for a vagina cupcake as yet). Much like gastronmista (read more on their site) I adore the preciousness of these – I am not sure if they would be able to rescue anything from Gregs, or worse Iceland, but I do think they would make serving something as simple as cream puff dinner party acceptable. Something I have decided is the way forward so now all I need is a man to cook dinner for!!!

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