Jammie dodger Britton

14 May

Jammie dodger Britton posted a link to her final year university project on this site’s Facebook page and it was so good I just had to contact her and ask for more information to share;

The event was our final year project for Art, Event and performance BA hons at Leeds metropoltian University, we are the first to graduate on this degree as it has only been running for 3 years making us the pioneers of AEP. We have had a week long festival full of all our fellow students final project called the “lift off festival” with many different peformances and installations alongside exhibitions of the documentation of students work. My collegue Marina Demetriadis and I decided we wanted to create an interactive fun event and soon became an event to launch the lift off festival. The launch event combined the celebration of carnival and the ideas of dead of the day, a celebration in style for the end of one chapter in our lives and the entering of an new chapter in an entirely unqiue way. The launch event kicked off the weeks procceedings starting with an introduction from The Lady of the dead, encouraging everyone to join in with a masquarde parade. Masks were handed out and everyone was given a hand held instrument, lead by the lady of the dead and the sound of the lead drums close behind her. Everyone joined in with making music while heading to the next part of there journey, once at the end of the parade the audience were seated and met by the performance of rockit belly dance troupe who performaced to well known rock songs, the audience were then handed wine and asked to join the lady of the dead in a toast. This was then followed by a performace from the lady of the dead creating a sacrifice to restore balance and protection to all present, during this the heart was ripped out from the human sacrifice (made entirley from cake and sugary goodness) and bitten into then offered to an audience memember, then going back to the body and slicing into the head, the auidence were then asked to come up to the altar in order to recieve their slice!!! Some shyed away from the oppurtunity later saying that they couldn’t get their mind past the idea of it being a human body and like me other revelled in the idea of free cake!!

One Response to “Jammie dodger Britton”

  1. Daisy May 15, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

    This event looks and sounds very interesting. Your cake has so much detail. Even toe nails!! Well done

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