Bunker PLC

10 May

This is £7 very well spent & makes me feel as if the Edible Autopsy is actually very tame so yay – thanks to Nate Lanxon for letting me use some of his images!

Bunker PLC is a fictitious company set in the future.
Explore its headquarters, in a labyrinth-like basement space.
Life in 2031 is different. Humans are pollinating in place of bees, urban farms are feeding our cities, skies are controlled by the police…

photography copyright nate lanxon

From Weather Modification Police to Vertical Farming and the development of genetics, Bunker PLC invites you to embark on a journey through working life in the year 2031. Set in a real-life World War II bunker in Dalston.
Blending sci-fi and climate change themes, this sensory installation focuses on links between ourselves and the world around us and offers an optimistic and thought-provoking vision of our society.

9-15 May 2011: Dalston Bunker, Abbott Street, London E8

photography copyright nate lanxon

photography copyright nate lanxon

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