Miley Cyrus covers Nirvana

8 May

The most disturbing video I have ever posted on this blog – my friend Ross found the giant spot video bad enough so this might just well destroy him as a musician & Nirvana fan. This is a million times worse that The Saturday’s covering Depeche Mode and that was bad enough! You’ll notice I also could not bring myself to click the music category (shudder).

One Response to “Miley Cyrus covers Nirvana”

  1. yup yup May 11, 2011 at 1:52 am #

    I dunno, there’s something kind of sad about this, right? She obviously, at some point, loved good music and thought she could contribute to the compendium of truly great music; only, she ended up being the center of SHIT producing SHIT and she must know that everything about her is SHIT, in the end. I mean, how much good could really come out of the offspring of the SHIT who wrote Achy Braky Heart?!?

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