Spoonge Bob Sqaure Suit

5 May

Who ever does the PR for Nickelodeon should take a bow as I love this being a fan of linking two things that would never normally go together to make a story – one of the few stand out joyous things about PR is to can get away with anything (via @alexfarber).

In collaboration with Richard James of Saville Row Nickelodeon are launching and exclusive line of Spongebob clothing. Launching May 11th. The range includes a yellow suit, shirts, ties and pocket squares, all of these items printed with imagery and colours from our favourite underwater animation.  Individually numbered for you to flaunt your bright yellow wardrobe and it’s exclusivity to others who can only muster a Patrick pink shirt from any other outlet there is also a signature Spongebob Suit that’ll be made to order (read we got the PR so don’t give a shit if any sell or not). Of course this post allows me to feature the Violent Femmes Sponge Bob DVD extra which I hate myself for almost loving now I have come to terms with the fact it happened!!! That said it has still not managed to cull my MASSIVE crush on Gordon Gano… it’s also a ZILLION times better than Avril Lavinge’s version.

Of course this is till not a patch on THE BACON SUIT 😀

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