Lagerfield Ice Cream

30 Apr

After directing a series of TV commercials for the brand, Karl Lagerfield has partnered with Magnum ice cream to create a life-sized Paris hotel room made entirely of Belgian chocolate, including a near-naked Baptiste Giabiconi reclining on a chocolate bed, with a hard on (oh purlease).

This is so shit it’s set me off on another wasted budget rant – I mean look look at the figure it’s embarrassingly bad. From Holly Andrew’s vagina cake, and my planning for the edible autopsy, I know how life like cake / food art can be so in my eyes there are no excuses for this piss poor attempt… The ‘body’ for the edible autopsy is going to be 10 times as life like as this and we’re cutting that up and eating it. I also bet this creation is not 100 % edible either.

Whatever agency is behind this for Magnum should hand their heads in shame for going the lazy route of thinking they can throw their money at a celebrity name and rely on that, rather than originality, to generate bland brand awareness. For this concept I personally think a life size version of the man should have been made as an ice cream (including stick) and it should have looked realistic. Oh and the chocolate room has already been done. Pathetic. And before everyone goes “it works as you are writing about it” – I am only writing about how shit it is which is a winner when this is the desired effect. BUT I doubt the endless bullshit PR meetings (inevitably with pastries and orange juice) never discussed this was the route to go.  It’s a waste of a good concept, Lagerfield & not forgetting a rather large advertising budget. I do fear I am getting far too ranty in my old age, but to me the execution of a project is just as important as the coverage it gains as I take pride in everything I do.

(via Hint Mag)

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