Creative Cookies

27 Apr

I have been researching cookies this week for a potential new project and it became impossible to chose which were my favourite. Here are some of my top picks – can you choose (click on image for more info)? I have been using Google for this article and special mention must go to Edible Crafts who featured many of the top cookies below, also if you are a fan of these them make sure you check out the creative cookies Flickr stream which has over 10,000 examples. It goes on for a while so have inserted a page break for non cookie fans!

Magnum PI (I love the tache)

Recreating The Futureheads song lyrics in cookies (my concept)

Houndstooth cookies are amongst the offerings from Sweet Ambs

Nevie Pie does AMAZING painted cookies

Geek Out with Sweet Sugar Belle (one of the most creative cookie makers in the world)

Retro Easter Puzzle Cookies from Fancy Flours (they have so many great designs)

Fancy Flours (just had to post these too)

More from the amazing Sweet Sugar Belle

From Mrs Humble - does some amazing geek cookies!

From Mrs Humble - does amazing geek cookies!

Cookie Boy - he is incredible!

'Apple' cookies - love the simplicity of these

Ali Bee's - has loads of beautiful cookies

Ali Bee's

'Disguise Cookies' just awesome

Glee Cookies

Glasses Cookies - LOVE the 3D ones

Cookie Chandelier from The Maisn Moschino in Milan

From Babino's Bakery (heads up not all cookies as great as this example)

Teeth with braces from Knead a Cookie

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