Anyone for a soy sauce KitKat?

22 Apr

I am not a KitKat fan (boring wafer, not enough chocolate, and you only ever get to eat one finger as so easy to share it is expected of you) but as it turns out the Japanese LOVE the things & the more random the flavors the better – in fact they worship them so much Nestle produces weird & wonderful flavors specifically for consumption by that market. Some of the more random flavors include watermelon & salt, pineapple, burned coffee, soy sauce, grilled potato, and sweet corn. They really put the dark chocolate KitKats everyone in the UK got into a froth about the shade don’t they – if you want to try your own then Cyber Candy sticks the cheese variety. Brilliantly there is even a Flickr stream dedicated to them… …KitKats of the World

Kinako Ohagi — Kinako Ohagi is a traditional Japanese treat which is similar to mochi. Covered in sweet beans, sesame, or a toasted soy flower called “kinako”, the treat is traditionally served during Higan, a Buddhist holiday celebrated around the Spring and Fall equinoxes in which people visit family graves to comfort the spirits of ancestors. Although it tastes more like a hazelnut latte (with 3 pumps) than red beans, the message here is loud and clear: Kit Kat respects and encourages tradition. Clever move, Kit Kat.

You can find out more about some of most popular stranger flavors here…

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