Anti-establishment scones

21 Apr

The Met Bar are doing an anti-establishment high tea around the Royal Wedding which is great news although it is £27! Well I thought it was great news until I saw the same old same old cakes trotted out – ‘anti-establishment’ my arse. If a black cake stand featuring a few union jacks on cakes (the pound shop in Eltham sells those exact flags) and punk music in the background is the best anti-establishment they can cook up then can I fear for creativity, not to mention puzzled that they missed an obvious trick by not including anything from Fortnum & Masons following their recent ‘occupation’. Some of the savory dishes – such as  ‘Quiche a la Fergie’ – start to get there, as does the God Save the Queen whiskey based drink… …but again that said I think appearances are more important than names…

For starters I would have served up some of the amazing Curious Confectioner’s fingers (halloween rotting versions shown below) sans Kate’s bad luck engagement ring, some of the EYHO ‘fuckaroons’ as I don’t understand what is so radical about a strawberry & cream flavored macaroon (you have to be 18+ to enjoy this tea anyway as it is in a bath) and ‘something’ that meant you could be licking cream out of Johnny Rotten… …or at least got a lead player from this era to design a high tea with a difference and involved absinthe… (so many ideas I will stop now as could go forever). Maybe I am in a bad mood, or maybe it just bugs the hell out of me that  people with amazing brands, and budgets, make something which could have been AMAZING just about OK and dare I say it borderline boring!

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