Shell Grotto

19 Apr

Made of 4.6 million shells, 2000 square feet of mosaic and one big mystery I am obsessed with the Shell Grotto at Margate and will be taking a day trip there one day very soon. It’s even better that it’s origins are still somewhat of a mystery… Although I can say that if everything goes to plan I will be hosting an event here one day soon!

In 1835 Mr James Newlove lowered his young son Joshua into a hole in the ground that had appeared during the digging of a duck pond. Joshua emerged describing tunnels covered with shells. He had discovered the Shell Grotto; 70ft of winding underground passages leading to an oblong chamber, its walls decorated with strange symbols mosaiced in millions of shells. Is it an ancient pagan temple? A meeting place for some secret cult? Nobody can explain who built this amazing place, or why, or when, but since its discovery visitors from all over the world have been intrigued by the beautiful mosaic and the unsolved mystery.

The Shell Grotto looks like crappy tacky hell from the outside too so it’s a great lesson in seeing beyond original appearances!

2 Responses to “Shell Grotto”

  1. Cakehead Loves Evil November 21, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    I visited this recently and nothing is making me happier today then lots of people are reading about this amazing place! x

  2. Stan Djtwin Ashford February 12, 2012 at 6:08 am #

    Sometimes its just good to look at the picture and know nothing more than someone created it. This is amazing

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