Christian magic tricks – EASTER REPOST

18 Apr

This is more scary than Christian clowns – John Louis’ Christian magic trick videos start with something like this (via Urlesque):

Now, back in Bible times they didn’t have playing cards, but, you never know, if they had, Jesus could have told his parables with this…Gospel Illusion

My favorite part of John’s delivery is that he tries so hard to modernize these Bible stories so that kids will relate to them. For instance, in this prodigal son story, the protagonist is sick of “hanging out” on the farm and when he returns home, his elated father instructs his servants to “go out and rent some video games” and “order a triple anchovy pizza.”

One Response to “Christian magic tricks – EASTER REPOST”

  1. Bosse April 9, 2010 at 4:32 pm #

    Seriously, he looks like Matt Foley. Without the van?

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