Amazing Muppet Theatre

6 Apr

This amazing Muppet theatre was built from scratch, wow just wow. Astonishing work from Canadian art student Lance Cardinal. For someone who has neither the patience or skill to tackle even the most basic piece of Ikea furniture the fact someone could achieve the level of detail shown in this is astonishing to me.

The day has finally come! I have finished my scratch built Muppet Theatre Playset. I cant wait to show you all the fun things about it! Please enjoy!

Nine years ago Palisades toy company began releasing the Muppet Show Character figures. I had always been a huge fan of the show and I loved the opportunity to own a piece of this important history . The quality of the characters’ construction was top notch, the accuracy of the details were unmatched and the accessories were amazing. They released 4 playsets including Pigs in Space, Sweedish Chef kitchen, Muppet Labs and Electric Mayhem Concert Stage. I have 82 of the Muppet Show Characters and all of the playsets. When the company went bankrupt in 2006, the toy line stopped abruptly and many of the proposed toys never happened.


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