Nerdcore v Euroweb (go Nerdcore)

18 Jan

2 of the Euroweb arses

This post is a little out of character for this blog but nothing fucks me off more than online bullies / companies being wankers so when the Nerdcore debacle kicked off today I wanted to help – I don’t speak German so the adorable @mmmatze wrote me some copy below which allows us non German speakers to understand what has been kicking off. Hats off to René for taking a stand against these twats!

As of today, the beloved German Nerdcore blog is no longer accessible via its domain. The Dusseldorf based Web service provider Euroweb ( (just look at those not-so-snazzy suit boys in the video & it’ll tell you everything you need to know) seem to have bonded the domain in return to payments from a legal battle which Nerdcore’s René refused/forgot to pay. René apparently had criticised the quality of Euroweb’s work and was subsequently admonished for doing so (WTF?). Regardless to the rightfulness of Euroweb’s action taken today, this undoubtedly casts massive shitstorm cloud shadows on their moral credibility.

René of course has been outraged all day (just read his Tweets), arguing that his domain is worth far more than the money he was sentenced to pay, and he seems to have engaged a lawyer to settle things (I love this). Meanwhile, the Dusseldorf company has been pested via Twitter and Facebook by loyal fans of Nerdcore and the case has even made it into various big German newspapers.

For the moment, Nerdcore can only be reached via the domain Euroweb, however, has been known to be quite trigger-happy, when it comes to admonishing critics and is currently subject to some 100 lawsuits against them for ripping customers of with bad services and worse contracts. Personally I want then to it to be reached via a eurowebarecunts URL – it would be much more fun!!!

Here’s two good German blog posts which sum  up the story quite well, but you’ll need to either speak German or engage the services of Google translate to understand them:

3 Responses to “Nerdcore v Euroweb (go Nerdcore)”

  1. Robert January 19, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    Dear Mrs. Cake-Head,
    please fixe the broken links for the german newspapers.


    Best regards

    P.s. Thank you for this nice article and my personal best wishes for your future.

  2. anon/bernd January 19, 2011 at 7:26 pm #



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