Wearing body fluids

19 Nov

Belgium  fashion designer, Sancho Hemelsoen, has done an incredible collection which shows us that even bodily fluids can become fashionable. I could not agree more and – and have been saying this for ages too I would like to add 😉

Whatever you think of this collection you’ll remember it, and it will evoke a reaction in you, which of course is what it is all about surely? Expect to see it on Lady Gaga any day now (via Street Anatomy).





As awesome as these are I have to say they do remind me of Piers Atkinson and his ‘Sex On The Brain Collection’ who as you know I ADORE – especially after he lent my one of the cum veils for EYHO (Jane Doe latex top) as shown below! Granted I look like a witch but that’s the look I was going for OK…



copyright nathan pask





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