Dead mouse ring

20 Sep

So I walked out of the office today to find a Love Me, Live With Me stand outside the door (exactly where the paps were for Victoria Beckham the other day but I digress). Out of context recalling this experience would make it seem like a dream but it was in fact very real.

The stand was there promoting the arts in the North East, the project is all about “Interesting Things Designed and Made By Clever People”.  You take your object home, live with it, decide if you love it then write about your experience on their blog before passing it onto someone. I have got this taxidermy (fake) mouse head ring which I am so wearing for the Eat Your Heart Out photoshoot on Friday. It’s called an ‘Eek Ring’ – it looks really real and is totally freaking me out!!! Have already decided that Alix Fox has got to be the next owner of this bad boy too!..

Janet Allison

Sweet and petite or ghastly and grim, these tufty little mousekins are sure to grab attention and split opinions. These taxidermy inspired trophies combine the repellent ideas of infestation and contamination with a playful wearable design. Each critter is completely individual and one-of-a-kind, brought to life with sparkling Swarovski crystal eyes.

Here are some of the other objects you get to choose from too:

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