ABSOLUT Brooklyn

25 May

ABSOLUT has worked with Spike Lee to design their latest limited edition vodka bottle – ABSOLUT Brooklyn.

“The bottle features a depiction of a brownstone with the number from Lee’s childhood home in Cobble Hill and bears his name on the bottle. Inside the bottle is a vodka flavored with apple and ginger. It has a retail price of $29.99 . Each of the city editions of Absolut has a charitable initiative attached, as part of this campaign Absolut is donating $50,000 to Habitat for Humanity to help fund an affordable homes project in Bedford-Stuyvesant.”


One Response to “ABSOLUT Brooklyn”

  1. mzza May 25, 2010 at 5:50 pm #

    $50,000 which in NO way begins to make up for Lee’s support of the Atlantic Yards development project, which displaces low and mid income housing and replaces it with overpriced high-rise condos and a basketball stadiums. His was one of many public figures who supported this largest-ever-in-Brooklyn cash cow development project against the vast majority of the community it is located in. Basically it sucks and as much as I appreciate Spike Lee the artist, his wanting a Brooklyn based basketball team got in the way of his community support. No reputable economic impact study has shown a sports arena helps the neighborhood it’s dropped in. Especially when that neighborhood is already over-trafficked. Just a heads-up from across the pond.

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