Human billboard

11 Apr

In his own words:

I’ve earned the nickname ‘Billy The Billboard’ because I’m a real ‘site’ to behold: I have the website addresses and logos of 19 online firms tattooed on my back, arms, chest, neck and face.

I’m waiting for confirmation from Guinness World Records, but I’m pretty sure I hold the record for the largest skin surface area to be covered in inked ads, and I’m certainly the first guy to have a company’s details permanently etched on my cheeks.

All sorts of businesses have paid for space on my body, from income tax services to lingerie sellers.

But I have extra affection for all the porn sites I promote, such as, which was established by a husband-and-wife team who like to fuck their friends!

Some of my other porn clients are more obscure – there’s, which specialises in smut featuring ‘chicks with dicks’, and, starring drug-addicted street-walkers. It seems appropriate for skin flicks to advertise on real skin though, huh?

(miss c thinks no it doesn’t)

OK so right now you are thinking he is a total and utter looser right? I was thinking what a total and utter attention seeking cunt (no porn pun intended) to be honest. But then you find out that all of this started off the back of a blood donation drive, and that he donates blood platelets every two weeks, and works hard to ensure others do the same.

It started when Billy’s childhood friend needed a kidney transplant in order to live. Wanting to donate a kidney to save his friends life he needed to make money quickly to cover the costs of the surgery. Unfortunately, Billy didn’t have any saved up, so he devised a plan to earn the necessary funds – become a human billboard. As a guide it costs $20,000 to advertise on his forehead.

Now the information you all really wanted to know (I am sure) – available space:

Arm, from wrist to elbow (4 available)

Forehead, front and center (1 available)

Cheek, left face (1 available)

Chin, front and center (1 available)

Head, left or right (5 available)

Head, top (3 available)

Neck, left side (1 available)

Back, upper section (1 available)

Legs, left and right (4 available)

Wrist, top (2 available)

Ribs, left and right (4 available)

Chest, top (1 available)

Via Bizarre Magazine

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