Cannabis Caviar – it’s a bit rough

29 Mar

This so called top-shelf marijuana is popping up is the US and can be all yours for the astronomical price of $1,400 an ounce — nearly four times the average price of other high-grade strains (apparently). Thanks to the Denver News for enlightening me on the matter!

Caviar is made by soaking marijuana buds in a potent stain of hash oil — thick, sticky and concentrated liquid cannabis made from dissolving hashish or marijuana in solvents like acetone, alcohol or butane. Once the oil’s soaked into the marijuana buds, the whole shebang is allowed to dry for several weeks or months.

The result is a potent marijuana smorgasbord: high-grade marijuana, with between 5 and 20 percent THC, infused with 30 to 80 percent THC hash oil. It also burns for long periods of time, notes Jake, although he adds a word of caution about taste: “It’s rough.”

2 Responses to “Cannabis Caviar – it’s a bit rough”

  1. Anonymous August 25, 2011 at 5:32 am #

    butane? acetone? alchohol? shebang? lol im not getting any buds with you! real deal 100 percent natural =]
    hb some butter and bake with it sounds slammin!


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    […] Cannabis Caviar: $1,400-an-ounce marijuana promises a bang for your buck (via Miss Cakehead) […]

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