Inside Out Horses

23 Oct


Horses Inside Out is an inspired idea from Gillian Higgins who lectures in equine science. During lectures Gillian uses her stunning looking horse as living breathing moving cantering neighing text book and paints the anatomy of his insides on the outsides – the muscles on one side and the skeletal structure on the other.


It takes four hours to apply the make-up with water-based hypoallergenic paints which are easy to wash off once the talks are finished – again what a good horse mine freaks out at anything harsher than a baby soft body brush.


Whilst on the theme of ‘painting’ beasts of burden I just had to mention the poor donkey’s who have been dyed to look like zebras – I forgot earlier!


When the zebras at Marah Land Zoo in Gaza City died earlier in the year owner Mohammed Bargouthi decided to disguise the donkeys as zebras — as the cost of replacing them with real zebras was too high. He claims it would have cost almost £20,000 to get new zebras due to strict laws regarding importing animals. He began by painting stripes on but felt it didn’t look quite right, so now uses hair colourant to dye black stripes on the white donkeys (source).

6 Responses to “Inside Out Horses”

  1. Aubrey October 24, 2009 at 7:38 pm #

    this is amazing! i just finished an embroidery that speaks to this!


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