Carnal affairs of the Sun newspaper

27 Aug

Grrrrrrr the Sun Newspaper are going through this blog again for stories – and not being arsed with giving me a credit. For the best headline writers in the world their headline “Get A Room You Chew” is not exactly brilliant either.


It comes to something when they have a team of massively experienced journalists on £££ yet it took them a good three days to pick up on this (whoa there guys). Read the original Haribo carnal affairs CLE post here – it comes to something when they dedicate half a page of their newspaper to a letter sent into the Daily Mail. See their article on it here.


They want your comment on if “the parents are right”


One Response to “Carnal affairs of the Sun newspaper”


  1. Haribo carnal encounters « Cakehead Loves Evil - August 27, 2009

    […] Sun newspaper have now picked up on this story (whoa there it took you a good three days) – see my comment on the sun here, and their coverage […]

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