Star Wars Architecture

3 Aug

Maunsell Towers 2008 309

Paint them white and these amazing structures remind me strongly of something you would see in Star Wars…

The Maunsell Army Sea Forts are possibly the only valid reason I can think of to visit Shoeburyness East where they can be seen from boat, or beach on a clear day. I love them – I guess in much the same way I find Dungeness (and it’s mini steam train) appealing. They are also one of my favorite pieces of architecture.

Maunsell Towers 2008 26

Maunsell Towers 2008 224

Constructed in 1942 these astonishing structures were anti-aircraft tower-forts constructed in 1942 to form part of the Thames Estuary defense network. Each fort consists of a cluster of seven stilted buildings surrounding a central command tower.

Maunsell Towers 2008 94

Maunsell Towers 2008 315

It is now dangerous and illegal to try and visit the forts due to their bad state of decay – personally considering the money wasted in the UK surely some pennies must be found to help preserve these astonishing structures.

Read more about the forts at Atlas Obscura.

2 Responses to “Star Wars Architecture”

  1. trench August 4, 2009 at 12:41 am #

    Very awesome. They remind me of Miyazaki films though. Probably has something to do with their floaty, hanging in the air qualities.


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