Sucking on Daniel Craig

1 Jun


Oh this is just a good idea – Del Monte made Bond star Daniel Craig made into ice lolly. Why? Well they have “license to chill”.. (collective groan). They created this sadly limited edition ice lolly – in the shape of James Bond star Daniel Craig – to celebrate the first National Ice Cream Week. Who would not want to suck on him frankly…

The ice lolly is a sculpture of Craig in the scene where he emerges from the sea in ‘Casino Royale’. It comes in blueberry, pomegranate and cranberry flavours. Del Monte created the ice lolly after Craig was voted “Britain’s Coolest Smoothie” in a poll of over 1000 women across the UK.

He ‘beat’ actors Jude Law and Hugh Grant, as well as singer Tom Jones. I say beat as if Jude Law (zzzzzzz) was ever going to be allowed to win – what would they do provide a lolly of Sienna Miller the ‘role’ for which he is best known (source).


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