Random Latex Alien (2)

30 Apr

alien_egg_anim_lgA London-based company – d.vote – has created an inflatable bondage ball shaped like the terrifying eggs from Alien. For £950.00, the Alien Egg promises to deliver “the ultimate sensory deprivation experience.” One of it’s selling point being that “no one can hear you scream”. Great!

This is the real, unedited, untouched sales blurb from their site;

The Alien Egg is made from two ’skins’ of rubber. The outer layer is made of thick 0.8 mm rubber whilst the inner layer is made of medium 0.5 mm rubber. Each skin can be made in different colour to give the Egg the maximum visual effect. It has a British Respiratory Gas Mask inside which has a double length corrugated tube going to the outside for breathing

You enter the Alien Egg and put on the respiratory mask which connects to the exterior through a tube. The four full length zips quickly close the Alien Egg holding your entire body inside its rubber walls. When inflated, the Alien Egg restricts all movements from within and isolate you perfectly inside its shell.

Via Coil House

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