Fetish Dining

27 Apr


La Nouvelle Justine is a full on fetish dining experience.

Guests sit in ‘adult high chairs’ and are served by slaves. Food is served in a dog bowl, and for dessert you get a size nine stiletto heel filled with fresh fruit by a waitress in a dominatrix costume. Random spankings of guest also take place to add to the atmosphere.

Paddles, chokers and collars are sold in the shop – a World away form traditional resturant branded key rings and t-shirts.

One Response to “Fetish Dining”

  1. Wolf Bane January 28, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

    This used to be my favorite restaurant. The food was actually not bad and the atmosphere was right up my alley! I used to take out-of-town relatives and guests there for a crash course in N.Y.C. Bizarre. Usually followed by stops in the Village at like minded iconic spots. I miss the place.

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