Real Skull Cameras

7 Jan


Honestly this is not one for you if your squeamish / freaked out by skulls.

Wayne Martin Belger creates functional pin hole cameras made from steampunk pieces, real animal and human blood, bones and organs. All in the name of art – ‘Designed to study the Beauty of Decay’. He also gives details of the skulls – the one pictured is made from a 150 year old skull of a 13 year old girl.

He displays his photographic work alongside his scupltures / cameras.

Yamma (below) is his latest piece;

Yama’s eyes are cast from bronze and silver with a brass pinhole in each. A divider runs down the middle of the skull creating two separate cameras. A finished contact print mounted on copper is inserted in to the back of the camera to view what Yama saw in 3D.

Yama is made from Aluminium, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Bronze Steel, Silver, Gold, Mercury with 4 Sapphires, 3 Rubies (The one at Yama’s third eye was $5000.00), Asian and American Turquoise, Sand, Blood, and 9 Opals inlayed in the Skull. The film loading system is pneumatic. A 300psi air tank in the middle of the camera powers 2 pneumatic pistons to move the film holder forward and lock it into place. The switch to open and close the film chamber is located under the jaw.





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