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Knitted skeleton

9 Nov img_9383

An installation piece from Ben Cuevas (via the ever awesome Nerdcore) – I don’t know about you but I would LOVE to have this Skeleton in my closet!








Land carpet

18 Sep

It’s probably me but I think land carpet sounds pretty darn rude (via UO blog)…

Hand-tufted from New Zealand wool, Florian Pucher‘s Land Carpet is a visual representation of the earth as you’d usually only see it out of an airplane window. It’s a great concept but once you loose the miniature cows and horses I personally don’t think it has a stand out design behind it, and it becomes just another rug. Am I being too harsh?

Baby Jaba the Hutt

26 Aug

I have fallen for this Baby Jaba made out of felted wool by Kit Lane.





Delicate Wool Organs

11 Jan


I adore these delicate knitted organs from artist Sarah Illienburger.



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