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Laser Tits

16 Mar

Classic Nerdcore post – awesome work boys :-) There is nothing I don’t like about this concept:

For centuries the female bosom has been wrongfully held in the prison of maternal duty and manboy motor-boating. The time has come to blow the cell doors open for breasts! Howl for hooters! Get toasted by tits! Behold the blazing boobs! It’s time to get ZAPPED!!!! LAZERTITS looks into the past and changes the future one broad at a time. What will YOU say when your kids ask where you were during the revolution? Don’t burn your bra, BLAST IT!!!

Vintage Abba

26 Feb

I HAD to have cauliflower cheese and waffles for breakfast (as in my body – which is clearly normally a temple – demanded it). I think that makes this a perfect post and that these two topics match in a strange old way. Is there any chance you know what I mean?

Vintage birthday cakes

17 Feb

Vintage vehicle graphics

30 Jan

My lovely elderly car Katie now has all leather new insides ready to play in the summer as only a Triumph Herald can do. I am also getting some serious offers to sponsor her (I don’t get it either unless of course it was something to do with Tin Tin) but it set me off on hunting for acceptable vehicle graphics and came across this gem. Auotgrafix is a flickr stream totally dedicated to graphics on cars:

Thing is I am really tempted by the more vintage graphic styles (Katie was born in 1968) BUT I don’t want to look like I am belong to an car share scheme – with two members Scooby Doo and Tin Tin.

Flirting with magic

9 Jan

This is way too fine not to be posted – this is so good for so many reasons…

So what else can you make disappear? Well my libido for a start…

Vintage girl bands – gallery

27 Dec

(via Amusing Planet)

Superhero photography

27 Dec

Just adore this set of superhero photography from artist Agan Harahap – he uses his Photoshop skills to insert superheroes into memorable political and wartime photos from the mid-20th century…

…that is it I must learn how to use it properly!  (Amusing Planet via Lost at E Minor)

Rainbow Fur

2 Aug

I know it is bad to admit this, but this vintage fox fur found over on Luxirare is soooooooooooo good. I massively desire it.








Invading the Vintage

15 Jul

Invading the Vintage is a series where Franco Brambilla takes brilliantly retro photographs and forces them into the ‘future’. Ok so it is not exactly like, that but you will understand what I mean by looking at the images. I love these but of course it is hard to seeing them without referencing Meatscapes in my mind. Maybe it is originality which is now retro?








The Rotao & Multiple Marshmallow Toasting

6 Jun


I can no longer live without ‘The Rotato’ – an automatic vegetable peeler. The same can be said for this amazing vintage 1930’s multiple marshmallow-toasting machine.

marshmallow toaster

“My life has been blessed, because I never knew I needed anything until I had it”


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