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Abandoned Space Stations

3 Jun

This is an amazing set of photography for Vice Magazine from Alex Hoban who was sent to visit an abandoned & derelict space station in Japan – read all about it here.











13 Apr

This amazing miniature sculpture of ‘Peepworld’ totally blew me away – a commission to artist Alan Wolfson from a UK based collector. If only doll houses were all like this!


Alan Wolfson creates handmade miniature sculptures of urban environments. Complete with complex interior views and lighting effects, a major work can take several months to complete.

The pieces are usually not exact representations of existing locations, but rather a combination of details from many different locations along with much of the detail from the artist’s imagination.

There is a narrative element to the work. Scenarios are played out through the use of inanimate objects in the scene. There are never people present, only things they have left behind; garbage, graffiti, or a tip on a diner table, all give the work a sense of motion and a storyline.








Vice student flickr (best of)

30 Jan

No reason for this post – just like there is no particular reason behind the Vice Student Flickr

It kind of makes sense that these images remind me of the ahole Australian student who had one big party and one uptight news reader:

Viceful Wild Things

3 Oct


Vice magazine are predictably jumping on the bandwagon with this exhibition of art inspired by Where The Wild Things Are – and more importantly the work of Maurice Sendak. Rather brilliantly you can download a Vice: Where The Wild Things Are Mini-mag here too.





Face Bed

11 Jun

Lust Project in Paris makes this bed set that looks like a face. Apparently “it’s great for making your neighbours feel shitty about all the lame Bed Bath & Beyond shit back at their place.”

Email lust-project@noos.fr for more information (via Vice)

Illegal Tourist Destinations

8 May


Vice Magazine came over all National Geographic for their latest issue with a brilliant article about Japan’s Battleship Island (Hashima Island), found  an hour’s sail from the port of Nagasaki in Japan. It rocks (no pun intended) as well as any abandoned creepy island can do.

From 1887-1974 it was a coal mining facility owned by Mitsubishi Motors, and one of the most densely populated place on earth.  Over 13,000 people crammed into every square kilometre of its residential high-risers. When the mine closed there was no longer any reason to live in the mini urban nightmare it had become and almost overnight the entire population fled back to the mainland. Battleship Island was left to rot.

It illegal to go anywhere near the place as it’s beyond restoration and totally unsafe. So thank you to Vice Magazine for these amazing images and bribery of Fisherman skills enabling them to reach it in the first place.













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