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Tron cat

27 Dec

This demonstrates exactly why I need a geeky boyfriend – so they can make costumes like this for the pusses!


Tron Couture

17 Nov

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for the remake of the 1982 classic movie ‘Tron’ to come out – I can confirm it’s AMAZING.

Anyway there is a Tron Pop Up Shop this November in Los Angeles which is looking amazing and even includes a couture line that offers apparel, jewelry, shoes and even a couple of handbags.  They brought in top designers to collaborate on the project so expect to pay couture prices.  For example, the shoe shown above is named Quorra after the female lead in the movie and will retail for $795. There’s about 90 pieces in all and you can check the entire collection out here – if nothing if not ‘varied’ with some more examples below! I have to admit to liking the motorcycle suits – very fetishy but some was sent from the land of tacky I fear! (source)









23 Aug

Was not sure if this was SFW or not (more of less everything is safe for my work) so simply assumed that you would have taken the “a-sutra” as a big clue and taken your own call. Anyhow thanks to Rachel from Wonderment for sending this over. I am not sure if it’s a compliment or not she thinks it’s “very me”, but you know what this just might be the thing to get the delicious Sheldon Cooper into bed (bazinga if he was real that is).


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