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LEGO Forest – 50th Birthday Celebrations

21 Apr lego2

Both Lego as a company, and it’s super fans, do so many awesome things with this globally iconic brand (I loved the dark LEGO suicide series) I would have thought it would have been pretty tough going to come up with a new creative approach involving the hallowed bricks. That’s said I am not surprised they have pulled something rather special out of the bag for their 50th anniversary of the LEGO brick in Australia: an over sized pop up Lego forest.

This brilliant concept includes pop-up forest includes brightly coloured LEGO flowers and 4-metre tall LEGO pine trees. The LEGO forest sprouted from the city streets to mark the launch of the LEGO Festival of Play, a nine-month event which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the LEGO brick in Australia.

What would you like to see next from LEGO – would love to hear your thoughts?

Click here to read more about Sydney’s LEGO forest, or here to see the LEGO Sydney Opera House, part of the brands ongoing architecture series.
PS: I have blogged about LEGO a lot in the past!! Search the site – there are almost 50 related posts.


Bad toys, naughty toys

28 Jan

Read more over at The Guardian.

Ha ha ha the Russian police does not take kindly to protests, even those carried out by toys and dolls:

Police in the Siberian city of Barnaul have asked prosecutors to investigate the legality of a recent protest that saw dozens of small dolls – teddy bears, Lego men, South Park figurines – arranged to mimic a protest, complete with signs reading: “I’m for clean elections” and “A thief should sit in jail, not in the Kremlin”.

“Political opposition forces are using new technologies to carry out public events – using toys with placards at mini-protests,” Andrei Mulintsev, the city’s deputy police chief, said at a press conference this week, according to local media. “In our opinion, this is still an unsanctioned public event.”

Organ Donors

11 Sep

Pick up these Organ Donor toys by David Foox over at Street Anatomy





Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddlytoys

10 Sep Kroko_4_frei

Anyone fancy being a Doctor, it’s all very strange over at the Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddlytoys. Taking the case notes for the crocodile above for example:

The patient’s hypersensitive hallucinatory perception is a symptom of a paranoid psychosis. The signs are a mental block and a Gestaltzerfall (disintegration of structure) of the habitual field of experience. The consequence is a compensational reactivation of archaic reaction patterns.

DIY Obama

26 Sep

I like these Obama action figures from Jailbreak Toys – great action figure design with a sense of humour. Touches such as the ‘Hope’ and totally sold out ‘Summer Suit’ editions are awesome.

OB000 DIY-2

OB000 HP-2

OB000 IN-2


Toy killing

11 Aug


Forgive me for taking a break from general creativity posts but I need the greatest creative minds on this one. Don’t worry Cakehead Loves Evil will return immediatly to normal – I wont drone on for pages and pages and pages about fascinating subjects such as ‘today my cat blinked’.

So; all my neighbours are OK about having socks stolen from their washing lines by the cat. In fact ‘the catch’ goes on my window sill (I put a box there) so people can collect which are theirs as they pass. This may sound odd but we’re used this process by now.


But this is different… …am I a bad person for taking pictures rather than attempt to rescue this treasured “Mr Froggie”? This is not good, I shall explain a little more.

The ‘frog’ belongs to a child of a neighbor (who I do not know), but have heard her playing with now dead toweling frog thing in the garden. Fish has stolen and ‘killed’ said toy – along with a snuggle blanket and baby grow – from their washing line. Do I;

a) post all items back through letter box with no explanation

b) deny everything

c) confess all

d) post back everything but frog

e) move










Seven Deadly Sex Toys

4 Aug

Via Notcot Yanko (shouldn’t that be a w) Design gives you one sex toy for each delicious day of the week with their Genesis of Love Making project. It is like Kasper Hamilton’s Seven Deadly Glasses project on heat. The images are below, check out the theory / concept in detail here. I think the concept, although unoriginal, is stronger than the ‘toy’ design or photography.

Now here is a beautifully designed sex toy from Coco De Mer.







Evil Childrens Toys

1 Jun

Yeah I feel better and what better way to celebrate that with this not massively safe selection of children’s toys from Shi Jinsong









Where The Wild Toys Are

5 May


Readers of this blog will know Miss Cakehead is already ridiculously exited about director Spike Jonze’s live-action adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are and it keeps getting better…

To commemorate the movie, Medicom will be releasing an awesome “Where The Wild Things Are” Kubrick toy set, featuring overall 6 characters from the movie. Due to come out in October 2009, the Kubrick Set can already be pre-ordered at many toy stores.

(notcot via highsnobiety)

Graffiti Artist Action Men

18 Apr





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