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Eat Your Heart Out @ Torture Garden

20 Feb

So Eat Your Heart out sold come cakes at Torture Garden after being invited by it’s founder / owner David to do so. It was a strange environment for a cake shop – but one heaped in so much dark cakey inspiration we all came away with so much inspiration. I felt like such an old lady going home at 3am when people were still coming in but hey ho. I also met a really nice photographer there, Stephanie Woolf, who took some great photographs of us (below) and the night in general. Her London Insight blog is also worth checking out (though she’ll not be posting the TG story for a while so it’s worth visiting it again in a few weeks.

Here is a gallery of  some more of Stephanie’s photographs she took on the night, or view the full Flickr stream here.



All images copyright Stephanie Woolf

Severed Pig Trotter Cupcakes

10 Feb

Here are some of the severed pig trotter ‘cupcakes’ the Butcher of Caker Street will be selling at the Torture Garden (site NSFW) Valentines Ball…


Torture Garden Love Heart Cookies (NSFW)

8 Feb

I am not sure if I can mention our amazing Mad Artists Tea Maker behind these beasts yet as she is still working on her alter ego (I also feel very guilty for corrupting here).  Anyway please see below the mock ups for the ‘Love Heart Cockies’ we will be selling at Torture Garden this Saturday… they would certainly make a different kind of VD treat :-)





Jane Doe Latex

14 Oct

I am a very spoilt and very lucky lady as the awesome Jane Doe Latex are loaning me some beautiful clothes so I can be in full Miss Cakehead mode  (I am actually very staid myself) for the opening of Eat Your Heart Out, and the after party at the Electricity Showrooms. If you have not come across her work before, it really does define a new standard in rubber couture.

Bringing with it a new, darker, neo-classical edge to a concept which seems to have hit stagnancy for many years and with its diverse yet stylised range, Jane Doe is challenging the fetish scene to bring itself into the 21st century. From our high-end made to measure outfits, through to our affordable off-the-rack line, prepare to be taken into a post-apocalyptic world where the east meets the west, the aged meets the contemporary and… taxidermy meets clothing! This truly is rubber clothing like no other; removed from the clichéd outfits using over done imagery of the wayward nurse or the stern policeman, replaced by chic yet sexy, wearable yet elegant clothing that stills touches on the risqué.

Using unconventional materials such as recycled fur and feathers alongside quality latex, Jane Doe bridges the gap between high-class fashion and the fetish world without pretence. The labels, critically acclaimed, fashion shows at Torture Garden have drawn in fans such as Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and Bianca Beauchamp who have all been seen gracing the pages of publications world-wide in Jane Doe clothing. As the label goes from strength to strength since its still recent inception, it is fast becoming the most important new U.K. clothing company within the fetish industry. Classical without being bland, sexual without being obscene and exclusive without being elitist, it is through these characteristics that the label is filling the massive void present when it comes to choice in the market of fetish clothing.


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