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The Futureheads: A Cappella & Acoustic Tour Preview

12 Mar

You already know The Futureheads are my favorite band and wonderful creative friends…

A credible Christmas song – at last!!!

11 Dec

If Santa Claus got some glitter out of his pocket and tossed it about a bit (not like that) to get a fucking awesome Christmas track then I reckon it would sound pretty darn close to this beast of a track from The Futureheads which I lurve… The video is complete with cute childhood pictures (make me giggle) intercut with four good, if slightly fucked off & damp, looking fully grown band members by the sea. Happy Christmas!

David Shrigley x The Futureheads = Chaos

28 Nov

It makes me happy that FH10 REALLY has happened (I also get to say I told you so a lot) – it’s impossible to think of another band who deserve it more; and an absolute certainly there is no other band in the world I would have worked my arse off over the autumn for (not literally sadly as it’s currently the size of a baby hippo – my arse not autumn clearly). Anyway here we go some more pictures of The Futureheads V David Shrigley charity print (supporting St Oswald’s) taken during the signing in his studio. 100 editions only, £50 each, signed and numbered by the artist (as demonstrated with this A/P) - get your paws on this beast, and the other three, here:





Lyndsey Jameson – The Futureheads

20 Nov

Here is the final print in The Futurehead 10 Series – from Sunderland based Lyndsey Jameson. I LOVE THIS. To be sold in strictly limited edition print run of 100, each signed and dated by the artist. If you want any of the prints you’ll have to be fast when they go on sale…

The entire FH10 print series with work from Pete Fowler, David Shrigley & Stuart Semple.

Pete Fowler x The Futureheads

18 Nov

Another reveal in the FH10 project - Pete Fowler’s interpretation of This Is Not The World for the FH10 project. All the artists pieces are amazing but this one rocks my world on a different level, funny that if you look at those who have permanent featured links from this site eh?! Whoop whoop (sorry just had to get that out of my system)…

Brilliant Design Lecture – ‘The Chaos’ consumed

8 Nov Tate&Lyle

I am going to be talking about this installation at Wednesday’s Brilliant Design Lecture:

Here is The Futureheads V Miss Cakehead ‘The Chaos’ cookie installation for  Cake Britain – the world’s first totally edible art exhibition supported by Tate & Lyle (and an event from The Mad Artists Tea Party). I can’t believe my insane idea ending up looking this good, and importantly that everyone loved it too. Personally I knew I adored this piece as soon as it was done (even if this was about 60 seconds before we opened the doors for the private view on Thursday), and the band gave it their seal of approved too on Sunday.

Importantly all proceeds & donations from Cake Britain are to charity  (including a donation towards Newcastle based St Oswald’s House specifically for this piece), which is a really important factor in this mayhem for me.

The vanilla cookies were from Molly Bakes & Kookie Cookies, the installation elements from the amazing Bruno & Ben (not to mention everyone else who got stuck in to make sure it was ready in time for opening). You all ROCK!

Rough sums: 200 hours to make in all / eaten in about an hour.

Being eaten by guests at the show:

& being gobbled by the band (geeks will notice the sync up of images):


The Mad Artists Tea Party – NEWS RELEASE

17 Jul

All of the art created will exist only temporarily & only in edible form in the medium of cake

OH MY GOD it all seems so real now as it is – Tate & Lyle are kindly supporting the project and it’s go go go. Amazing creative talents already involved with works of art & cake being planned which will blow your minds (clearly I did not write the release but want to post it unedited hence twattish referring to myself in third person).



Miss Cakehead, of Cakehead Loves Evil, has teamed up with Tate & Lyle for the first ever Mad Artists Tea Party with Lily Vanilli as Curator of Cake. An original concept from Miss Cakehead, it will pair the World’s most creative cake makers with artists and creatives who want to ‘create with cake’ to produce one-off edible artworks for auction.

All of the art created for the tea parties will exist only temporarily, and only in edible form in the medium of cake. Artists confirmed include David A Smith, Stuart Semple, George Morton Clarke, Pete Fowler, Felt Mistress, stenSOUL, The Futureheads, FAUST and Alexander Turvey with cake-ists including the astonishingly talented food artist Prudence Staite, Bea’s of Bloomsbury, Michelle Wibowo, Crumbs & Doilies, Lily Vanilli & ‘Jellymongers’ Bompas & Parr.

Leading up to the event Miss Cakehead will be touring ‘Cake Britain’ with her edible cupcake tree – an art installation and creative consumer experience that will allow children to literally ‘pick’ their own cupcakes off the tree in a bizarre twist on traditional pick your own farms. The inspiration of the tree coming from The Faraway Tree series of books by Enid Blyton, a concept followed through as the cupcake tree will never ‘grow’ the same cakes twice.

Cake fans be afraid – The next Mad Artist Tea Party event has already been planned. Eat Your Heart Out will be the world’s first 18+ cake shop containing VERY horrifying & VERY extreme Halloween edibles.

Notes for editors:

  • The event is being held at The Future Gallery in London the 27th – 29th August, following a ‘private eat’ on the Thursday 26th August where key ‘works of cake’ will be auctioned off for charity.
  • During the course of the exhibition a series of unique ‘cakey’ events will take place; from ultimate ‘rock cake classes’ (baking ACDC style) to a sing-a-long Busgy Malone screening complete with splurge guns. More information on booking for these events to be released soon.
  • All profits from the event will go to charity, including We Make Peace which campaigns for Peace Education in Schools.
  • If you would like to find out more please contact: emmylou.cakehead@gmail.com

Animated Futureheads

5 Jul

Never mind cheese I think this is going to give me seriously strange dreams tonight (I’ll let you know tomorrow) – anyway this is the AWESOME new video from The Futureheads for I Can Do That. Enjoy!

Chaotic brilliance

15 May

Congratulations and happy making vibes to The Futureheads for their The Chaos tour which has just finished. Photographer Ian West has been on Twitter sharing images from the tour.  Here are some of my favourites, view more on his Flickr stream.

OK I have been really restrained all day…

6 May

FUCK YEAH THE FUTUREHEADS LIVE IN LONDON TONIGHT – they were also live here also yesterday (in a sense) with their design for Pollocks Billbored.


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