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Simon Cowell Teeth Tattoos

6 Nov A_Simon_Cowell_4

I am not sure what I make of this – flying and dentists are my too ridiculous fears I appear unable to grow out of. If unlike me you have a normal approach to dentists (ie am not scared) then this post just may tempt you. All the teeth featured have been tattooed by Utah (US) based Tooth Artist:

Normally this artwork is created on the back teeth, the molars or bicuspids. Most people prefer having it on the cheek side of the tooth, some on the tongue side. Most considered these as some what a white collar tattoo. They are seen only when the person that has one wants to share what they have, by pulling their cheek out so it could be seen. The other advantage to these tattoos is that they can easily be removed in five minutes in the dentist’s office with just a little grinding with a rubber wheel. We show the artwork on the front teeth so people can see our artistic abilities.

What I find more staggering about the whole thing is their choice of Simon Cowell, Princess Diana and Amy Winehouse amongst their featured designs in the five British crown series (below):

Make some noise for this Pete Fowler tattoo

2 Nov make some tattoo

There have been a fair few fans of Pete’s work who have had tattoos of his work but this is the first one I have seen a proper picture of – it belongs to a certain @A_Neg_Narrative.

Human Centipede tattoo

2 Oct


Vagina tattoo – potentially NSFW

19 Sep

I have been asked a LOT to do a book on vagina cakes so thought I might as well just go for it – as publishers are too pussy I have decided to fund it myself – I say myself… Crowd sourced funding – buy the book for a bargain £10 and help me make this happen. Have 28 days to go!


Just someone tell me why – especially the one under the arm!..

Shrigley tattoo 2

17 Sep

@davidshrigley says: “The worrying trend of having my drawings made into tattoos continues…”  Well I like it not that it matters!!!

Anyone for a Satanic Pope tattoo?

16 Sep

Sitting on Pinocchio’s face

5 Sep

Not only is this tattoo hideous I can’t imagine there are that many women out there who would want to sit on Pinocchio’s face. Carlo Collodi must be turning in his grave. Worst still it’s not a unique idea and there are a fair few of tattoos based on a similar concept floating around online – this is the only one I can post as it shows no ‘c & b’:

Guitar tattoo

5 Sep

The detail in this is amazing -

Drill baby

16 Aug

Whoa there! Drill Baby is a lifelike newborn covered with tattoos that tells the tragic story of the BP Oil Spill by artist Jason Clay Lewis (via Notcot).

Ink leakage & proper look

12 Aug

UPDATED IMAGES BELOW – can’t wait for this bad boy to heal:

And ink leakage this morning (perfectly normal)

OK so my amazing and true friend Marie who inspired my tattoo has ‘signed it off’ from the US (I decided she HAD to see it first) so I can now share! It’s on my inner right arm, 4 inches long and yes it’s Helvetica bold but I am a design geek…

I wont bore you with details behind it, nor am I willing to share more than this…

….in 2008 (during the worst year EVER) my main memory is her saying you have to “stay in the light sweetheart you will be OK”: so I tried, and I did, and I am still here. Yay!

I have to say brushing my hair has hurt more than actually getting this tattoo but now the pain has starting to kick in now as some of the ink leaks out yadda yadda yadda moan etc… Thanks to Sam at Happy Sailor in Hackney for his amazing attention to detail. Can’t wait to post more pictures once the cling film is off!

(and yes yes it’s also a really awesome song which helped me sort out the precise wording)


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