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On the streets of Ukraine

6 Oct

Excitingly some really different ‘street art’ – with more than a touch of Salvador Dali, these paintings from Ukraine artist Kislow feature illustrations from books about mythical creatures, and classic ’70s/’80s graffiti. They are also in a increasingly number of random locations from from bank walls to abandoned warehouses to rocks overlooking. Are these ‘street art’ – to be honest I can’t be arsed to go into that whole can of worms right now. Loving these paintings is enough for me (via Life Lounge).


29 Sep

Numbskull = great name, great art.

Pope is Poop

16 Sep

Pope Graffiti, East London via @andrewsoar


Fur recylcing

6 Sep

Neozoon is a collective of female street artists who create pieces using  second hand furs. I don’t agree with wearing fur at all, but there is certainly something striking about these works. More information over at Design Boom:

Einstein on a bike

3 Sep

Fuck me these paste ups taken from the above photograph (by Peter Drew I think) are EVERYWHERE. I saw one The Strand last Sunday, Brick Lane today the list goes on… Adelaide (Australia) was also covered in them too a few months back…

Gory Berlin

30 Aug

I don’t know much about this but I know that
a) I love it
b) It’s was from Berlin

As always all information much appreciated!..

You Are Beautiful

29 Jul

This is such a feel good blog post from Lost at E Minor :-)))))))

This anonymous crew from Chicago have collaborated with artists from all over the world to produce feel-good, inspiring street art with one message: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You can find their lyrical work on top of buildings, on trains, against a park fences, written in a multitude of different ways…

Judith Supine’s unique street art

26 Jul

Brooklyn street artist Judith Supine has a really different approach to ‘street art’, and it’s one which mixes up a variety of different styles. . It’s a surreal combination of old engraving art mixed with hand-drawn and painted images. Shepard Fairey on Lost At E Minor writes:

He does paste up posters, but they’re not just square, they’re cut-out shapes of these interesting looking characters. The closest thing I could compare it to are the Monty Python animations.

Love will tear Hoxton apart

25 Jul

Thanks soooooooooooo much to Barney for;

a) Going to the effort of taking and sending me this picture of this piece he saw outside Hoxton Station (London). Anyone know who it’s by?!

b) Saying he loves this blog to pieces :-))))))))

stenSOUL cake

19 Jul

stenSOUL has sent me  his design for a cake to be featured at the The Mad Artist Tea Party – it’s looooooking so good & we can’t wait until it’s time to make this bad boy. We are also going to spray on the ‘eye’ and artist tag using a stencil and food coloring in a spray can – as you should with any authentic street art style cake of course (I also have to say Peat ROCKS my world he has been so helpful)!

Before you all go noooooooooo and cover your eyes and ears I promise that there is no need for a spoiler alert here. Whilst I am going to post a fair few crumbs about The Mad Artist Tea Party in the next six weeks, rest assured that there will still be plenty of BIG surprises at the show itself… …and this cake may not be all it seems?!


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