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A literal golden goose

29 Dec

The most perfect way to present a NYE roast goose (OK so we’re using a roast chicken)… You can buy the spray online for about £7 and it last forever and a day.

Sexy spray paint

8 Jan

These are the worst spray paint cans I have ever seen – I mean for fucks sake!


Alexander Armstrong’s spray on hair

30 Nov

I have always wondered who buys the spray on ‘hair’ to cover bald patches – as normally advertised in the back on red top newspapers by x rugby players. However, whilst watching Have I got News For You this week, I discovered which unexpected celebrity does use this stuff – Alexander Armstrong for a start. See the image above… It is a shame as he is quite sexy in a Heat strange crush kind of way, but not with spray on hair. Clearly he is not alone in the World eh John!..


Wode Paint – Revolutionary art fragrance

24 Oct

I want to try this sooooooooo much…


Wode Paint is a “Revolutionary Art Fragrance” that creates a cobalt blue mist before disappearing leaving a sensual scent. It is well worth clicking through for their website film alone.


When Wode is sprayed, a vibrant blue cobalt mist appears and settles on the skin or clothing. The paint fades and disappears within seconds leaving a sensual scent behind. Inspired by the legend that Queen Boudicca wore cobalt blue war paint to create a ferocious and mythical look in battle, Wode is a revolutionary Art Fragrance.

Acknowledging that graffiti is the modern war paint and the most public of all art forms, Wode is packaged in a classic spray paint can. Wrapped around the can is an engraved steel label tied with black braided ribbon that’s tipped in metal; further displaying the Boudicca team’s dedication to detail.


Limited Edition Spray Paint

6 Apr


“Montana Colors unveiled its new limited edition spray paint featuring the artwork of the legendary cartoonist and longtime fixture of the graffiti community: Vaughn Bode. Although he died in 1975, the characters he created like the infamous Cheech Wizard and his busty Bode girls, have been immortalized by countless writers for the past three decades. His work lives on through his son, Mark, a respected artist in his own right, who was also honored with his own can. Only 500 will be made available at MSRP, the rest will likely end up on eBay for a lot more.”


Death Spray Custom

6 Apr

I love the work of these guys – really funny, really stylish… …basically it ROCKS!



Black Spray – Very Wrong Vintage Advertising

10 Feb











GREAT vintage advertising site.

Thanks to Dirk for the awesome tip!


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