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Day of the Dead Wallpaper

13 Apr

I am so proud of my friend Emily in not only designing, but also producing, this incredible wallpaper inspired by Mexican sugar skulls. Super chic.


The elegant design of the Sugar Skull is representative of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations, where this folkloric skull is a ‘Memento Mori’ and has become an iconic symbol of life and death.

In this unique wallpaper, the intricately illustrated skull has been given a sophisticated twist by replicating it in gold on a rich matt dark charcoal, making it a luxurious addition to any interior.
Technical Information:

Roll size: 10m x 52cm
Pattern repeat: 53cm
Made in the UK

Buy it direct here.


Kermit Tesero

4 Jan

Kemit Tesero now sells his shoes online – THANK YOU GOD. Naturally I want them ALL!

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Famous Skulls

25 Apr

These skull drawings from Romanian artist Istvan Laszlo are a work of macabre beauty – at first glance they look like anatomically correct skull drawings but then you realize despite being ‘just skull’ they remind you of someone. They are in fact a series of ‘Famous Skulls’ which represent everyone from Hiltler to Warhol.

The show called the Anatomy of Skulls was shown at the Sebastian Guinness Gallery last year. Enjoy – these are brilliant!

Chocolate cast from human skulls

4 Feb

I have been lucky enough to be speaking to the amazing Marina Malvada, who I hope will be working with me on the Edible Autopsy, making us an entire 100% anatomically correct chocolate skeleton. Her work blows me away and it is indeed hard to believe that of of the below are 100% chocolate which has been cast from a real human skull. I LOVE THESE – they are both delicious and macabre so right up my street. At some point in 2011 I HAVE to find a way to have one of these beauties in my life…

Claudia Ficca who took the photos and you can visit the chocolate skull blog here.

Cermaic skulls

20 Jul

I love skulls, I love skull wrapping paper and I love skull shaped chocolate. Therefore it follows that I love this ceramic sculptures from Kate MacDowell… (via Who Killed Bambi)

Christian Weber

8 Nov

















Macabre Sunday night art from Christian Weber


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