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Anatomical shoes

13 Sep

Pray silence please for the amazing anatomical shoes of Kermit Tesoro – and yes you can buy online :-D 







Night Walk killer heels

19 Aug

UPDATE: They have arrived :-) Here they are with my Black Milk rainbow galaxy leggings!

OK who do I have to sleep with in order to get my hands on these amazing shoes from Jeffrey Campbell as my love affair with the brand deepens by the day, paired with Black Milk you simply can’t go wrong! This love affair also has the unfortunate side effect that I am now unable to wear any other heels now I am so used to the comfort of Jeffrey Campbell – seriously my Topshop boots almost finished me off the other day!







And of course it reminds me of this Black Mountain song Night Walks which I HEART


Melissa X Smurfs

4 Aug

Shoe brand Melissa has specialized in PVC footwear for over 20 years (I am not a fan of the Vivienne Westwood collaboration) and a pioneer in sustainable development…  Available exclusively at Colette for 85 Euros , check out these recycled plastic Smurf ballerina shoes. Hate & want at the same time!






via The Trendy Girl

Fuck Me Ruby Slippers

5 Jun

There’s fuck me shoes and there are these red glitter so-beautiful-I-must-have shoes from my favourite shoe designer Natacha Marro. These were made exclusively for 20tld and are not cheap – but that said Natacha Marro offers a full bespoke collection so if you are going to spend this much on a pair of shoes then you might as well really go for it…  Now if you’ll excuse me I need to frantically away and try to think of a “business reason” why I need these shoes.





Shoes with nipples

20 Apr

Yes as exactly as the title said via Flash Glam Trash

Keith Haring Shoes – yes really

10 Oct

OMG OMG OMG Keith Haring shoes – now this is some seriously fantastic footwear courtesy of a new capsule collection from Nicholas Kirkwood. Kirkwood was so moved by a documentary on the artist he approached the Haring Foundation for the collaboration. Only sketches are available so far (boo), but the designs will be available in February (source).

If your a fan of Haring’s work then you should also check out these amazing wall stickers from Maiden – home of Eat Your Heart Out & the PRETOX Potion!

Playing with Naam Ben Shoes

4 Aug

Love this range of shoes entitled  “Come and Play With Me” – though clearly slightly strange to mix fetish shoes (of a sort) with toys such as Lego and plushes (via):

Dead birds as shoes

4 Jul

Some of you may remember the post about the taxidermy pony shoes from Iris Schieferstein (entitled Vegas girl) – well check out these new shoes from her too. Taxidermy doves shoes, perfect for that summer wedding – the title of the piece is Temptation.

Deviant Dr Martens

26 Jun

Blogger buys new DM’s & loves them (my old faithfuls finally died), friends question why am I wearing lesbian shoes! Not sure if they have a point or not but they are super comfortable. Normally hate deviant DM’s but I have to say I am rather fond of these beasts already – official title the Darcie Boot.

Pixelated shoes

31 Jan

I love these shoes from United Nude – and what’s more they are perfectly titled ‘Low Res’. Awesome fashion and geek rolled into one is clearly the way forward!


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