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Seven Deadly Sex Toys

4 Aug

Via Notcot Yanko (shouldn’t that be a w) Design gives you one sex toy for each delicious day of the week with their Genesis of Love Making project. It is like Kasper Hamilton’s Seven Deadly Glasses project on heat. The images are below, check out the theory / concept in detail here. I think the concept, although unoriginal, is stronger than the ‘toy’ design or photography.

Now here is a beautifully designed sex toy from Coco De Mer.







Mac Icon Sex

8 Jul

In a brilliantly childish stroke of genius, I have started spelling with Mac icons. I have kicked it off with ‘sex’!


Obama Sex Toy

18 Jan

Topical sex toys – salute your ‘Big O’ this Tuesday.


F**king Like Rabbits

15 Jan


Totally tongue in cheek protraits of rabbits having some sexy time… Furry series from Michael Cogliantry

Gang Snowman Sex Hotel

11 Jan

Love hotels are ‘themed establishments’ were people go to have sex – really really remarkable. One room even has a merry-go-round in it!

You can pay by the hour for a “rest” and rather brilliantly they have the BEST names for Hotels ever like Hotel Jam or Gang Snowman. You would be hard pushed to find more creatively designed bedrooms.


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