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Post Living – Art vs Furniture

29 Apr

This is such as clever concept from Post Living – an art table and two prints in a menage a trois of art awesomeness.

PostLiving is a UK based company set up around a passion for urban art and simple modern and affordable pieces of furniture and homewares. The founders of PostLiving have backgrounds in graphic, interior and product design. The end game is to work alongside artists creating an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration.

Currently there are some pretty darn awesome Pete Fowler sets on offer – each featuring a table and two prints of ‘The Owler’ family. Fab value for money at £125.00.


‘The Owlers’ for Post living: I’ve always been interested in furniture and ways of introducing functionality to artwork and vice versa, so this project with Post Living caught my attention.

This series of images are drawn from my most recent work using the ipad to paint with. It’s such an immediate tool to use, like a sketchbook but with full colour at your fingertips. To anyone who is familiar with my work, owls started cropping up as I started to become comfortable using the ipad.

A group of almost half owl-half human characters appeared over a few days painting and they seemed to be alive and could do with a home, it seemed perfect to set them free in people’s living rooms.

Are they a family or related? I’ll leave that up to whoever lives with them but I’ve just called them the Owlers after a group of beloved friends.

For more on Pete Fowler see his Bio page

3 images = 1 x Table // 2 x Wall Art. Art vs Furniture. You decide? 
You choose the table//wall art combo when you select your favorite table option (01, 02 or 03).
Each table option has a picture of the table, a room view and the original artwork images.
Once you have chosen your table option, your table arrives pre-assemble, with 2 pieces of ready to hang wall art.

What you get: 
1 x Table 
2 x Wall Art

450mm (w) x 450mm (d) x 360mm (h)

All the products are constructed from 18mm MDF, the table surface is sealed and the legs are a fantastic mixture of wood and white laminate.

Worshipping the World’s Most Amazing Offices

19 Mar

Bloody hell check out the Worship Street OFFICES – from Helix 3D (client). They designed, fabricated and installed a Church, a tree house, a cinema, a derelict building, a bunker, a military dormitory and much more besides! See more of the Faceparty interior here.

Rammstein’s “box” – not particularly SFW

12 Nov rammstein-deluxe-05

If you have a memory like an elephant you’ll remember that despite not being a ‘fan’ of their music as it were, watching Rammstein from the press pit at Sonisphere was nothing short of incredible (a penis shooting foam, air bombs and so forth). Similarly you have to admire their balls for this box set (released in 2009) which featured six dildos, handcuffs and a lubricant.

Much thanks to Pop Bitch for informing me it’s now reduced to £99.


German Industrial metal outfit Rammstein will be giving the phrase “box set” a whole new meaning this month, with the special edition release of their forthcoming new studio album, “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da.” The band will release the record in a special box that features six dildos, a pair of handcuffs and some lubricant.


I have to say with the sound down (but Pussy is so offensive it’s funny) I could watch their videos all day – they are fucking awesome:

Today! In Adult Film

22 May

Whoa there, an inspired Tumblr called “Today! In Adult Film” – all SFW but fascinating shots from behind the scenes of lots of dirty S&M movies (source).

Full poster set – Where The Wild Things Are

21 Sep

Sorry for the whole Wild Things vibe but with the movie release less than a month away there is so much awesome stuff coming out. Here is the full set of movie posters via Empire Online. There is also a video game coming out soon.













Kanye West & his gold stage

1 Jul

I happen to know Kanye West reads this blog as ‘he’ has linked to me – I get pathetically excited.

Returning the favour (like he would notice) check out these mock-ups of the stage set for Kanye’s European tour. It is very gold.




These images below are now those taken by Kanye during tour rehearsals.




This Grammy Gold Digger performance is so random I had to share…

Set Fire to the Third Bar

8 May

Sticky Sweetie

27 Apr

You Tube sensation Sticky Sweetie has millions of views online, and is one of the most random videos I have ever seen. It caters specifically to men who  get their rocks off watching women standing on ‘Sticky Sweeties’.

It comes as no great shock the narrative is also very strange and I quote;

My fave summer sandals got stuck in my marshmallow fluff laundry room floor again? And now my feet….wah! Oh no! How did my bathtub get filled with bubblegum? And now poor defenseless twenty-something high-heeled schoolgirl me is stuck! Boo!

On a fetish investigation vibe I also discovered this DVD for those with a fetish for watching women tread on train sets


And for a hat trick feast your eyes on this neck brace fetish site.



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