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How To Sell A Banksy – official trailer (VIDEO)

26 Jan

This is very interesting indeed – and opens several large cans of worms to put it mildly…

Sell It To The Devil

3 Sep

I am a little concerned that this appears to be something that “suits my blog” but it’s fascinating so I’ll go with it. David Gaz dropped me a line saying:

I’m a big fan of your blog (MC: yes yes David I am sure you say that to all the girls). I wanted to tell you about a film we just completed called “Sell It To The Devil”. We found this old book called the “Grande Grimoir” (actually we looked pretty hard for it) that outlines supposedly the REAL way that someone goes about selling their soul to the Devil. Then we filmed them doing all of the steps in the book all the way to the ceremony to see if it really worked.

Seriously though guys I am all sweetness and light and fluffy kittens in reality – some may say rather boring in fact!


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