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Adventure Hamper (they had me at functional pickles)

5 Aug


Whilst I could happily just post this picture of Bompas & Parr taken by the amazing Nathan Pask I feel compelled to post some information about their great hamper which will be on sale this Christmas at Selfridges I mean it contains functional pickles and triumphant drinks for starters… If my Dad was still alive (love you Dad RIP) then this would have made the perfect present for him, maybe that’s why I love it so much…

This Christmas, Bompas & Parr is launching an Adventure Hamper available exclusively at Selfridges from 15 December. Hampers used to be about exploration – provisions to stimulate and succour warriors, missionaries, and adventurers as they ventured across the world.

The Selfridges and Bompas & Parr Adventure Hamper restores the hamper to its pedestal of manly vigour. The sort of thing that inspires and provisions you for adventure. Conquering uncharted mountains passes in Afghanistan, exploiting mineral resources in the Amazon or re-discovering and mapping the lost River Fleet in the heart of London.

The Bompas & Parr Adventure Hamper contains an array of provisions and equipment to inspire adventure. These include functional pickles and jams that will help with malaria, altitude sickness, insect bites and jellyfish stings to more exotic kit like the hand customised ice axe, Saint Barnard Keg filled with overproof gin or bio-luminescent lollies for mountain rescue.

Each hamper comes with a guide book and manual created by Bompas & Parr to help your adventure, and the creative duo will also be building an in-store installation in December which the public will be invited to explore.

Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr comments: “Most hampers today are shrivelled husks of former glory. disappointing corporate gifts containing lame Christmas puddings and wimpy brandy butter. The B&P Adventure Hamper for Selfridges destroys other hampers. We want people to make their own adventures and the kit in this hamper will gives you the edge. Even if you don’t use the ice axe to climb frozen waterfalls it’s certainly handy in cocktail-based situations. And flares are useful whether for attracting the attention of rescue planes and for kick-starting the office Christmas party.”



The Bompas & Parr Adventure Hamper will be available at Selfridges from 15 December, £699.99 each in a limited edition of five. One lucky hamper owner will be invited to join the Bompas & Parr crew on their Arctic adventure. Dates TBC.



Shredded white paper mixed with orange flash paper for starting fires



Functional Jam

Cucumber and quinine jam (anti malarial)

Milk jam (a high fat jam for cold climates)

Raspberry and violet jam (for altitude sickness)


Functional pickles

Cranberry, star anise and myrrh (antibacterial)

Garlic and mustard seed (to stop insects biting)

Pickled shallots and juniper (to wash jellyfish stings)


Sweets and Energy Snacks

Taste of victory napalm gum

Caffeinated confits

Bioluminescent lollies for mountain rescue

Trail mix

Kendal mint cake


Drinks of Triumph

Magnum of champagne

Saint Barnard Keg of oak aged gin

Coffee and cigarette elixir for a liquid breakfast

Chocolate elixir for energy




White Cavendish Tobacco




Flare – used for rescue or general pyrotechnic display

Ice axe – climb glaciers or break up ice for drinks

Flag of conquest/picnic blanket

Maps for adventure


Adventure manual






About Bompas & Parr

Bompas & Parr works in the space between food and architecture. Projects explore how the taste of food is influenced by synaesthesia, performance and setting.

In the past Bompas & Parr has collaborated with Lord Foster and Heston Blumenthal to design jellies, flooded a grade one listed building with four tonnes of alcoholic punch that visitors boated across before drinking, created a breathable cloud of G&T, charted the complete history of food, concocted a flavour changing chewing gum and built a chocolate waterfall flowing at a rate of 12,000 liters and hour.

Bompas & Parr’s first book Jelly with Bompas & Parr is now out published by Anova and Cocktails with Bompas & Parr will be published in September 2011.

Bompas & Parr’s has worked with The Barbican Art Gallery, Disney, Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture, Salone del Mobile, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Victoria and Albert Museum and Wellcome Collection.

For more information visit www.jellymongers.co.uk



Guilt of a Tracey Emin cat bowl

22 Jun

OK in a bid to off set the guilt that my boys (Fish & Darth) now have a Tracey Emin cat bowl (well it says “I love him, I love him” so is perfect) I thought I should rustle up a post on the artists concept store at Selfridges. It’s from the 21-31 July and “mummy” is also pretty taken with the teapot too ;-)



Her concept store and exhibition features a selection of her controversial art, her favourite books and her own literary work as will as an edit of her favourite things from around Selfridges – all coming together in her own shop. She’ll also be selling a selection of limited edition prints which have been carefully selected by Tracey for Selfridges including one exclusive print that will only be available here at Selfridges.

You can visit Tracey’s shop, Walking Around My World at the Concept Store Selfridges London until 31st July.

Pete Fowler for Selfridges

18 Nov

I know I have posted the sketches before, and a couple of images,  but here is the real deal – Pete Fowler’s FOUR windows for Selfridges, Christmas 2010! All photography copyright and courtesy of Andrew Meredith.

copyright Andrew Meredith


copyright Andrew Meredith


copyright Andrew Meredith


copyright Andrew Meredith


copyright Andrew Meredith


copyright Andrew Meredith


A hipster family Christmas

3 Nov Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz014

At last images of Pete Fowler’s window in Selfridges (more to come) – told you they would look good, at night mind blowing!

It’s a Pete Fowler kind of Christmas

19 Oct

Apologies for mentioning Christmas before Halloween but sod it…

Remember how amazing Pete Fowler’s Hot Chip window looked in Selfridges… well clearly everyone else agreed too as he has been asked to do a series of windows for CHRISTMAS which will be seen from the 28th October in the store’s Duke Street windows.

These illustrations will give you a guide to what they will look like, & I can ensure you once the secret touches have been added these will totally blow your minds. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!





Hot Chip – I Feel Better windows

10 May

The Selfridges shop windows (seen by MILLIONS of people) have had a musical makeover with windows based on songs from Florence and The Machine, Dizzee Rascal, Hot Chip (by Pete Fowler above), Empire Of The Sun, Paloma Faith The XX and Marina And The Diamonds. The stores most ambitious project to date!

Each of the acts has personally designed their display which they have based around one of their songs – Hot Chip’s chose I Feel Better, the window from Florence And The Machine illustrates her song Cosmic Love, and Dizzy uses Bonkers. The concept for these windows is ‘Sounds of the Mind’ is a celebration of the power of the lyric and is designed to tie in with the start of the festival season.

These windows are part of a themed sequence of displays which includes others by Selfridges own experts. Passers-by will have a chance to guess the songs which inspired the other windows at the London and Manchester stores via their NEW website (you can now shop online whoop whoop).

But OF COURSE I have a favourite – it’s Pete Fowlers for Hot Chip and here are some of it’s design sketches, and close ups:


24 Aug

Selfridges and the WWF present Pandamonium – an exhibition from Friday 4 September until Wednesday 28 October at it’s concept store at Oxford Street (more pictures when live).

WWF’s panda collecting units have been a familiar sight in shops, post offices and waiting rooms since the 1960s, encouraging the public to donate loose their loose change. These very panda collection boxes have now been given an artistic touch, customised by some of UK’s leading creative talents. Peter Blake, Tracey Emin, Sir Paul Smith and many others have all put their stamp on over 120 panda collection boxes, in line with WWF’s work in tackling climate change.


Ugly Betty Bottle

21 Jul

Diet Coke have launched a collectible ‘Betty bottle’ which features images from ‘Ugly Betty’, and is designed by New York stylist Patricia Field. The bottles even come with stickers so you can customize your own. Like many great things it is exclusive to Selfridges (fed up face for those not near any of the stores).


Even better

New year, new blog, lets rock.

2 Jan


This AMAZING image is from stylist Fred Butler - in the main her work looks like a rainbow has thrown up on it, with the compulsory carrot being replaced by the contents of the best habidashery shop in the World. I love it all.


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