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World’s Scariest Scarifications

22 May

Ok so I have a fairly high shock / OMFG level but these are some of the scariest scarifications I have seen for ages – beautiful but dark. Discovered it over at the ever awesome BME site

Retro Gamer Scarification – (Pac-Man 30th Birthday Repost)

22 May

Two pieces of Geeky Scarification I have just discovered



Body Art Glossary

30 Oct


Very handy reference guide over on Bizarre magazine to Body Art - if you don’t know your pocketing from your plugs then this is the place to head. Lets start with S. S is for scarification:

The deliberate creation of decorative scars via methods such as cutting, skin peeling or branding. Some modders have also experimented with using caustic chemicals to create scars, but this is very difficult to do in a safe, controlled manner and the resultant markings tend to be messy.




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