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Rainbow make up

17 Dec

Pretty awesome looking rainbow make up from Lovely Liar

Some more favourites below too – click on image for link

My lovely friends The Flippers also designed some rainbow make up for a friends music video. Their first (and last) venture into makeup design [so they claim]. The makeup grew as the music built.
from this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/flippers/2602729536/
to this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/flippers/2602007967/

Rainbow Coloured Bacon

19 Sep

Bacon in colours of the rainbow – now this is AMAZING! Find out more on Bacon Today.





Via this stunning rainbow food fashion shoot over at Feature Shoot – check out the burger below!!!


Wisley Chosen’s rainbow hair

20 Aug

I am totally obsessed with a Manic Panic (a beauty brand best known for their extreme hair colours) Flickr stream – 1000′s of pictures featuring awesome rainbow coloured hair. I am MASSIVE fan of Wisely Chosen who brilliantly merges hair colouring and art, she ROCKS!

Now best of all Wisely Chosen is behind those rainbow vagina cakes which went viral onlie a while back with no credit to her – here they are again! Remember if you post these credit her – these would have been a lot of hard work.

Rainbow Vagina Ring

29 May

This has got to be the worst wedding ring in the world – what is wrong with people, I mean this is not even crafted properly like Holly Andrew’s vagina cakes (& yes I spotted the ‘taste the rainbow’ quote too I just can’t bring myself to comment on it).

Licking the rainbow

30 Mar

Strange but awesome – new ad for Skittles!

Rainbow Macbook

26 Mar

I can help myself I have a serious lust for these mac keyboard decals – seeing as mine is constantly coated in a layer of filth I guess it all helps protect it too (via.



Rainbow Allen Keys

21 Nov

Before I found these beasts I can 100% say I would have never considered posting anything about Allen Keys – that said these have set off my DIY queen (previously deeply buried). Worse they are £45 and I still really want them!!! But them here…

Swimming in Black Milk

14 Nov Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

Bear with me on this as Black Milk is a Australian label and one which I totally and utterly adore. Being Australian (ie summer time) they have just released a series of swimming costumes which ROCK. I know it could not be less seasonal but you might, like me, be tempted to get in on the action now and store it away safely until your next holiday! 100% going to buy the top one for starters.

Rainbow Mullet Moustache Dancer

31 May

Top post from Nerdcore that has managed to totally cheer me up after a miserable / being poorly week-end – good work!

Ammmmazing Rainbow Cake

17 Apr

You may well remember I am a little in love with COLOURLovers – even more so now!

This TWENTY EIGHT layer cake is by Virginia Hammon, made for her son Darius Monsef of COLOURLovers (via Eat Me Daily).


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