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How not to open a cake shop!

7 Nov Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz024

After the awesome Futureheads cake cutting action at Cake Britain I pondered for a while on who could open Eat Your Heart Out. The amazing Adam Sagir suggested a band he manages, The Defiled, and fuck me they did an absolutely perfect job of it. I refuse to believe there is a better way in the world of opening a cake shop! There is also really no way of summing it up in words – so let me try and tell the tale though these series of images…

1) The lovely Ellie’s cakes made The Defiled cake, I provided them with syringes of ‘blood’ to tit about with too

2) The Defiled were then given a VERY sharp cleaver with instructions to cut the cake, squirt the ‘blood’ everywhere and open the shop

3) The cake  was cut followed by cake fight which had the press running for cover (I boxed clever and was already hiding in the shop). Much cake in a LOT of people’s hair!!!

4) Alex managed to also cut his finger really badly – oh yes it had to be the keyboard player didn’t it!

5) There REALLY was a lot of blood, I am not just writing that for effect

6) Meanwhile the rest of the band posed for photographs (note the brilliant detail of cake still in hair)

7) They also ate a lot of cake funnily enough

8) Emergency first aid was needed (!!!)

9) A show of solidarity (ok piss taking) as first aid took place

10) Fully bandaged

Such a messy bitch

6 Nov NPP_EYHO-299

Here are a few extra pictures from the EYHO photoshoot that did not make the cut – it’s testament to the whole creative team behind the shoot, and in particular photographer Nathan Pask, that the pictures look this good totally untouched. That said how come I have only just realised my eyes appear to be two totally different sizes (WAIL).

Totally with you that this post is more than a little self indulgent but hey it’s not everyday you have a vagina dentate cake (in this case from Holly & the Icing) disintegrating in your hands; and whilst I normally resist posting any pictures of myself onto this blog  these totally untrouble me (as sadly I do not look like this  in day to day life).  Amazing what hours in hair and make up can do uh?!

copyright Nathan Pask 2010


copyright Nathan Pask 2010

copyright Nathan Pask 2010

copyright Nathan Pask 2010



Eat Your Heart Out – ‘Private Eat’ (VIDEO)

6 Nov

Pop Bitch Cake

12 Oct

If you are going to donate a cake to Pop Bitch you need to make sure it’s extreme right – and we are talking PR for an over 18 cake shop… Disgusting cake making by Holly Clarke (who needs help)!



Take one vagina cake…

26 Sep

One of the official images from Eat Your Heart Out & the PRETOX Potion basically involves me and a giant vagina cake with teeth! To see more of Nathan Pask’s photography head here.

copyright Nathan Pask 2010

Tweeting behind the gory scenes

24 Sep

George Morton-Clark - ready to roll

Apologies for lack of posts today it’s been the gory cake madness of the Eat Your Heart Out & PRETOX Potion shoot today – here are some of the images I have been ‘tweeting’ throughout the day. Wait until you see the proper ones – the work of Nathan Pask blew me away today! OMG as for the last supper – though I got *freaked out* seeing a very dear friend with a noose around their next looped over a beam. More of that to come…

Zombie Captain Pete Fowler

Miss C - wardrobe one

Miss C & Holly Clarke's 'Vagina Dentata" cake

Eleanor Stuart 'Eyeballs'

Black Cherry Bakery's 'Heart & Maggot' Cake

Gummy earthworms ewwwwwwww

19 Sep

Ewwwwwwwww another EYHO tuck shop item are these gummy earthworms with realistic ‘ribbing’ just like the real thing:


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